June 20, 2018

Wait, I am 23?

It’s just another day….. But it’s my day!! <3

I am 23 and I figured that I would share some photos from my birthday’s past! When I was little my mom took so many pictures and you have no idea how happy that makes my photographers heart. My mom slowed down on the picture taking with my sister but it’s a really good thing that I loved the camera and took a lot of photos of my sister (even more than my mom took!) There are a couple years that I didn’t have many photos from my actual birthday but they are within a couple days ­čÖé

The day I was born:

1st birthday:


2nd birthday:


3rd birthday:


4th birthday:


5th birthday:


6th birthday:


7th birthday:


8th birthday:


9th birthday:


10th birthday:


11th birthday:


12th birthday:


13th birthday:


14th birthday:


15th birthday: (1st year without actual birthday photos lol)


16th birthday:


17th birthday:


18th birthday:


19th birthday: (Nick came home at 2am on my birthday!)


20th birthday:


21st birthday:

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22nd birthday:

PC: Natalie Grace Photography

And today, I am 23!

PC: Natalie Grace Photography

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