July 23, 2018

When in Mexico

2 weeks ago a few of my best friends and I met up with 100+ other people in the beautiful Playa Del Carmen in Mexico! I went on this trip with my best friend Natalie in 2016 and we loved it so much that we wanted to go on it again but this time she brought her boyfriend and I brought my best friend from back home. Little did Natalie know that Bailey was going to propose to her… <3

*Be aware, there are almost 200 photos in this post…*


Day 1:

The trip started out by getting screwed over by the airport shuttle service….. We couldn’t find our shuttle and the guy fake called the hotel and they told us that our shuttle had broken down and wasn’t coming.. I found out when we got to the hotel that we were scammed but lesson learned… I really didn’t expect it because in 2016 they actually helped us find who we were looking for. Other than bringing my stuff to our room, I went straight to find Victoria who I have known for 5 years and met in person for the first time in February under not so good circumstances. I am so beyond happy that she was gifted this trip and that we could actually spend some time together with a more positive environment. We had talked about meeting in person so many times but it never worked out. The first night was spent with her, Brianna, Sara, Natalie, and Bailey going out and getting water for our rooms since you can not use the water. The weirdest thing to get used to was brushing your teeth with bottled water and not the sink… Pesos were hard to get used to but I think the water was even harder. It was really weird coming back home and using the sink lol


Day 2:

Day 2 was spent at Xelha which is one of my absolute favorite parts. The park is all inclusive and the food and drinks are absolutely amazing! Other than the free parts of the park like zip lining, snorkeling, floating down the lazy river, a ropes course, and a giant water slide, on this trip we decided to swim with dolphins and do an underwater SeaTrek! And let me tell you, they were SO worth the investment!! Ever since I was little I have loved dolphins and I just knew the I had to while I was there. The SeaTrek experience was something I never expected to do. It was new since I was there in 2016 and thought it was really cool looking. You wear an underwater helmet (I called it a bubble lol) and walk along a railing that is 12 feet under. While we were down there, we got see many different fish and even hang out with a stingray. Just my luck, the stingray’s tail rubbed on my finger and scratch to hell and back but it was one of the coolest experiences. After XelHa is when Bailey proposed to Natalie and OMG. We were anxiously waiting to get a text form her <3



Day 3:

Day 3 was spent zip lining through the forest and snorkeling through cenotes at Jungle Maya! This was such a thrilling experience and honestly my number favorite part of the trip. I have a new love for zip lining even though I was absolutely terrified of it before. I also repelled down into a cent which was the scariest thing I have ever done but I am SO happy that I did it… hence the title, when in Mexico.. After we got back from Jungle Maya, Brianna and I had some best friend photos taken on the beach by our new friend Brandy! ๐Ÿ™‚ After photos, Brianna, Victoria, Sara, and I went to get dinner along the Main Street of Playa. It was definitely a well spent day full of adventures!

pc: Brandy French edited by: Me


Day 4:

Day 4 was spent in Valladolid with a personal tour guide, Luis! Luis works at the hotel that we were all staying at! We spent a lot of time walking the streets full of colorful buildings and in a church full of history. We ended up stopping by a restaurant that had some beautiful greenery and spent probably 30 minutes in just photographing each other! We then went to Centoe Zaci to get lunch and to swim in the cenote. I jumped off a cliff again (twice) that was higher than the one at XelHa and it was so much fun! After we got back from Valladolid, Victoria and I went down to the beach to take some photos of each other and Natalie took a few photos of Victoria and I ๐Ÿ™‚

pc: Victoria Stephanie Photography edited by: Me


This trip was very much needed in the middle of this very busy summer wedding season and I am so happy that I got to do it alongside of some of my best friends and meet even more from around the country. Thank you so much to Maureen and James with The House of Flynn fro organizing everything! This trip was perfect because you both! <3


Now for all of the professional photos!!

Hotel Aventura Mexicana:


The streets of Playa:




Cenote Zaci:


Playa Del Carmen beach and city:

pc: Victoria Stephanie Photography edited by: Me

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