September 10, 2018

When in Canada | Alberta + British Columbia

When two of my best friends, Sam + Anna Hartman, mentioned that they were going to get married in Canada and wanted me to fly out with them to photograph it, I was beyond thrilled and so ready to go! I could have packed my bags that day I was that excited.


I will be saving all of the information related to Sam + Anna’s wedding when I publish that blog post; so for now, you will see all of the breathtaking views that we got to go see. We stayed in the beautiful small town of Field in British Columbia. One big tip that you need when a planning a trip to this area in Canada, BOOK EARLY! We tried to stay in Lake Louise where all of the main activities were taking place but they were all booked out. We are still really happy about where we stayed because we had more to explore. We visited Takkakaw Falls, Lake Louise, the Alberta and British Columbia providence line, Emerald Lake, and ended the trip with a stop at Moraine Lake.



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