January 11, 2019

2018 Behind the Scenes | Jade Nikkole Photography

This year I will transition from being a United States photographer to a Germany Photographer… How crazy is that? 2018 was a big year for me and I am so excited about where photography has taken me. I photographed 10 weddings of my own and second shot 19 alongside other photographers.


Throughout the year I spent time learning more about myself and how to put more of a personal spin on my business. I am trying to open up and put myself out there on Instagram and with my clients. You can see more about me on my Instagram stories and in the highlights!


Below you will see some behind the scenes photos from weddings and blogger shoots!! Sit back and enjoy! 🙂




I have to start out this post with behind the scenes from Sam + Anna’s wedding in Canada!

I spy with my little eye….

The face I make when the ground soaked the bottom of my jumpsuit and I’m frustrated with my camera settings lol



I had to end this out with this gem…. While I was photographing this beautiful couple, my husband managed to kill the car battery. Neither of us had jumper cables (of course, I mean why wouldn’t we? lol).. Clients dad to the rescue!


Here’s to 2019!


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Huge thank you to my photographer friends who took these:

Emily Brianne Photography – Website | Facebook | Instagram

Missy Freeman Photography – Website | Facebook | Instagram

Also to my husband, Anna, Vanessa, and my clients for the other ones 🙂

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