January 21, 2019

Gift Ideas for the Groom

Coming up with gift ideas for a guy is hard enough; now imagine trying to find ideas for a groom can be even tougher. You want to make sure that they will love and that it has some sort of sentimental value.


Throughout the past two years of shooting weddings, I have seen some very unique gifts that I just have to share. A lot of the brides that I have worked with did not go the gift route but instead wrote out thoughtful notes to their soon to be husbands. Since a majority of them went that route, I am going to include some links below of gifts that I love and think would be great for your groom!


  1. Cufflinks

Andrew + Megan Taylor

2. An engraved pocket knife

Brad + Kayla Kath

3. Boudoir photos (if you choose to do this, stay within your comfort zone!)

Ryan + Jen Driver

4. Something personal


Other gift ideas:

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