March 4, 2019

Matt + Melissa | Engagement Session

Being stationed here in Maryland has made me realize what I love photographing the most. I love photographing bloggers and couples! The best session, especially an engagement session, is when I photograph bloggers and their spouses!


I met Melissa on Instagram a couple years ago through our mutual friend Anna! We had talked through Insta a few times and finally got together to photograph a beautiful engagement session for her and her fiancé, Matt! I posted a photo on Instagram about wanting to photograph a session with a bike like this and she mentioned that she had one!! I began to get super excited!! Before their session, I had a venue walkthrough with a wedding couple down in Rockville. While I was on my way to Kinder Farm for Matt + Melissa’s session, I thought that it would be so pretty to have some flowers in the basket! I made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s and was then back on my way.

By the time I got to Kinder Farm, I completely forgot about how hot it was…… It is like hitting a wall. Instant sweat and feeling gross. We did our best to shoot as fast as possible with Zara and made sure to have a lot of water around for her. About 15 minutes into the shoot we could that she wasn’t having it so Melissa called her parents to come pick her up. We then began shooting our pretty little hearts out until the sun was down!


Below are just a “select” few of my favorite images!!


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