Whether you have seen her images or not yet, meet Anna! Back in July I was invited to a styled shoot by a friend 30 minutes before it started. I ended up getting stuck in traffic on my way and it took about an hour to get there. Throughout the shoot I started talking to each model more and more and I clicked with Anna easily! While we were walking back to our cars, Anna and I talked about doing another styled shoot together. Instantly a friendship was born and I can’t thank that shoot enough for introducing me to one of my absolute best friends here in Maryland. Since July of 2016 Anna and I have done countless sessions together. I have learned so many new techniques while photographing styled sessions with her. We have done a wide range of sessions from pajamas to a relaxed, casual look to a high end, dressy, and timeless outfit.


Here are some of our best sessions:

Mountaintop Engagement Session: https://jadenikkolephoto.com/mountaintop-engagement-session/

Anna’s blog post: https://www.lifestylebyannaelizabeth.com/fashion/2017/7/26/mountaintop-sunrise-engagement-session

Strawberry picking: https://www.lifestylebyannaelizabeth.com/fashion/2017/6/4/strawberry-orchard

DC Sessions: https://www.lifestylebyannaelizabeth.com/fashion/2017/1/7/holiday-party-ready

Blue and White: https://www.lifestylebyannaelizabeth.com/fashion/2017/3/18/criss-cross-casual


Cherry Blossoms: https://www.lifestylebyannaelizabeth.com/fashion/2017/4/2/blossoms-and-lace


To see more, check out Anna’s website: https://www.lifestylebyannaelizabeth.com


Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth: { Instagram / Facebook / Website }



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