It’s officially the time of year we talk about how thankful we are for certain people or objects in our lives. I can’t even begin to explain what I am most thankful for because I am thankful for so much.


      Number 1, I am beyond thankful for my family. Having divorced parents has brought a lot more people into my life that I never would have met otherwise. Also, being married has made my family even bigger.

      Number 1 part 2, I am thankful for my husband. He is most definitely family but he is also more than that. Without him, I wouldn’t have the life I have today. I would have never lived in Florida or lived on the east coast. He has taken me out of my bubble and shown me more than I could ever imagine. Without him I would still be at home in my safe space and wouldn’t have the adventure bug that I have now. He has supported me more than anyone could understand with my business and I can not thank him enough.

      Number 2, I am thankful for my friends. I debated on splitting this into 2 groups due to the military but I feel like that wouldn’t be right. Brianna, my bestest friend ever back home, has always supported me and is always there when I need a friend or a shoulder to cry on. I met her back in my junior year of high school and we are still stronger than ever even if we don’t talk every day. Now onto Natalie. Let me tell you about this girl. I met her when she was looking for some to help fix a photo for her for a client. We have both been through so much, her a little bit more, but regardless, we are both there for each other at any time of the day. I can’t even imagine where I would be here in Maryland without a friend like her. Now to Kelly. Nick and Steven, Kelly’s husband, met in ALS and instantly became best friends. I am so thankful that they met as we have gained 3 amazing friends, including Emma. Between the guys hunting and us girls with our IKEA and mall trips, we have all become the best of friends. Lastly, Sarah. Sarah was pretty much my only friend in Florida and we helped each other survive throughout the time being stationed there. Now, I am not saying it was a bad base, it’s just that there wasn’t that much to do. We may not talk all the time but I still consider her to be one of my best friends.

      Number 3, I am thankful for my photography. I have had so many opportunities due to being in this career field. Thanks to The House of Flynn, I was able to attend a trip to Mexico with a bunch of other creatives and had an absolute blast. This leads me to my favorite Facebook group, Shutter Lovers. I got to meet 3 fellow Shutter Lovers and Shelby’s boyfriend on that trip. The first girl I met in that group that I clicked with was Emily. Her and I have been talking for a couple years now and I am so thankful for our friendship. I have become close to a couple other girls as well, Cari and Kortney. Without photography, I probably would never have met any of them. There is a chance that I could have met Natalie since she lives so close but the odds are much slimmer. Now on the other side of photography, I would NEVER have met as many people in Florida and in Maryland if it wasn’t for this career field. I have photographed so many families, couples, and pets in the past 3 years. Without them, I would never be where I am today with my business.

      Number 4, I am thankful for Anna (and Sam!). I can’t even begin to explain how much they have done for me. I have had the opportunity to explore this area more than I ever would. I have also truly found my style since Anna and I did our first shoot. I have had so much practice shooting with her and the best part is that she is patient and is up for anything. More than just photos, I love that she has become on one my friends. This is just another way that photography has brought something so amazing into my life! <3

      Lastly, I am BEYOND thankful for food. Food = Life!


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