Why hello there! I am Jade, the owner of Jade Nikkole Photography. I am 22 and married to my high school sweetheart, Nick. Nick and I met in the way that most people meet now a days, online. Going to rival high schools did not stop us! We got married in March of 2014. It was then that I decided to move with him to join his journey with the United States Air Force. He joined in Sept of 2012 just 3 months after we started dating. We are currently living in Maryland but I travel back home to Minnesota very often. We have 2 cats named Mew, a calico, and Nala, a tabby.


My journey within the photography track began when I was in elementary school. I would always use my dads camera and take photos of every little thing. Then one day my dad bought me my very first camera, a Sony Cyberhsot point and shoot. That camera went everywhere with me. I was using that camera all the way up until my senior year in high school. When Nick came back on leave, he bought a Nikon D3200 DSLR and he left it behind with me to use. Once I learned how to properly use the camera in manual mode, it sparked in me that was truly my passion and I wanted to pursue photography. Finally in 2016, I upgraded to a full frame Nikon D750 and I am truly in love. My husband is my biggest support system and I truly would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for him.


On most weekdays you can find me sitting at my desk doing business work or editing with Nala laying on my lap. But on the weekends, I am either hanging out with my husband or at a wedding or a session. Weddings and engagements have become a favorite of mine throughout my photography journey.


I look forward to getting to work with you whether it’s to capture the perfect family photos or your special day!



Jade Koetz

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