It began with a smile

I know what it's like.... You have a certain image in your head and it's hard to fully explain in words what you want and don't even know where to begin on your search. What I can tell you is that it's not as hard think. I may actually be able to help you!  I am a natural light photographer who loves chasing the sun and traveling to new places. I love traveling to new places and capturing chapters in ones life. I believe in love at first sight and capturing the candid moments.

Trying to rebuild my business every time we move starts to get old but the challenge can be very rewarding. If you are not following along on Instagram or Facebook, you may not know that I am a military spouse. My business has moved to four different locations and now going on the fifth. I look back at those struggles and put all of my will power into making my business better and stronger than it was before. Meeting new people and capturing these moments makes my heart so happy. I would love to hear what your next chapter in life is going to be and I hope to be there right by your side!


Just when you think life can not be any crazier, try throwing a baby into the middle of an international move during COVID... 

I had my baby boy on September 29th, 2021 and I am loving this new chapter and everything that it entails. I have been capturing families for years and now I am finally in their shoes and experiencing parenthood firsthand. 

The worst part about the military lifestyle and parenthood has to be the fact that our families will not see Easton as much. For this very reason, you can definitely expect to see a lot of photos of Easton throughout all of his milestones. Capturing these memories is something that can be shared for the rest of his life.

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acai refresher


my little man

my hubsy bubsy


“Jade is such a talented and creative photographer! She took some branding photo ideas I had and turned them into a reality.”

- Sarah Wynne / The grape therapy

“She was very patient, and spent time helping us capture the perfect photos of our daughter. We love all of the images, and will cherish them forever.”

- haleigh sherbak bennett

“Her attention to detail, wonderful communication skills, and joyful personality are truly a blessing to all that have the opportunity to work with her.”

- maranda thompson / love held

“To this day they’re my fave to use and I just get giddy every time I see MY products in something so beautiful.”

- Amanda Parramoure / my leather legacy

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jade on several shoots for brand development. She is the absolute sweetest and immediately makes you feel comfortable.”

- kristi stevens / shop tini

“She is not only so fun to shoot with, she also creates magic! I am obsessed with these photos she took of me and my little pup! They are images I will hold dear forever!”

- nathalie cram

When life gets blurry,
adjust your focus.