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Time is very valuable. Lets take a wedding for instance. The wedding itself is not the only thing that takes up your time. You first get the inquiry. Next you email the client back and forth discussing location, date availability, budget and anything else that you like to discuss. After all the details that they have are laid out, you may do a consultation. Now that you spent an hour or so there, yay! They book you. Now you are setting aside almost an entire day of a weekend that will revolve around the wedding. That is a lot of time taken up that could be spent with family or working on other business related items. This is where outsourcing come in. I have a couple different packages in my editing experience to help fit your needs. I have standard turn around times with add ons of culling and expedited service! Image that... You could be turning over your portrait sessions in as little as 3 days and weddings in as little as 5 days! Take about a great experience for your clients!

I offer editing services for all sessions including but not limited to  newborns, weddings, engagement, families, events, maternity, etc.


The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.

- Stephen R. Covey


Let me help you get your time back and improve your client experience!

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Add Ons:

$0.29 an image
5 business days guaranteed
Straightening + Cropping
Minor blemishes

$0.35 an image
8 business days guaranteed
Straightening + Cropping
Minor blemishes

Expedited - extra $0.15 per image
$60 for 1-1,000
$95 for 1,000-2,000
$180 for 2,000+
$250 for $3,000+


For more questions, please email me!

I do offer expedited services at an additional cost. Make sure to include that when you send an inquiry.

What if I need my images back sooner?

I can do face swaps for an extra cost. Straightening of the images is included in the packages already. I will also get rid of minor blemishes if asked but anything more is an additional cost.

Do you offer retouching services?

Of course not! I will match your style. When you send over a gallery, I do ask for your presets and for you to edit a couple anchor images in the gallery before sending it over. That way I have something to reference to and make sure they are perfect!

Do I have to have a bright and airy style like yours?

A photo print release is a document that allows you to print your images. The release must be given to wherever you are printing them before you put in your order.

What is a photo release?


Jade’s five day turn around time for outsourcing has totally transformed my business! I can’t tell you how thrilled my clients are when they get their wedding galleries in less than a week. Outsourcing has changed my workflow and allowed me more time to spend working ON my business and not IN my business. Editing has always been such a time consuming task for me, and it has been so nice to have time with my family back too. Jade communicates with you throughout the entire process, and even sends you samples of photos while editing so you can double check everything. I can’t tell you how nice it is to receive an edited gallery back and not have to make ANY tweaks! She is seriously a life saver. Can’t recommend her enough!    - Natalie


Jade does an amazing job editing! She was able to match my style exactly and in a very timely manner. She also will cull for you too. She is my go to girl! Thank you Jade for saving me countless hours!    - Andrea