July 27, 2019

Sunrise Maternity Session | Kaiserslautern Photographer

Sometimes being a photographer in Kaiserslautern requires you to wake up at 5am for a sunrise maternity session. Even better, it’s always worth it! The Kaiserslautern area in Germany just experienced a massive heat wave where the record temperature was beat 3 times in the last 3 days. We hit a scorching 42 degrees celsius, 107 degrees fahrenheit. HOLY MOLY.


I figured that doing this session at sunrise would help dodge the heat a bit and it was one hundred percent worth it. It was cool when we went to first location but then was even more humid when we came back down. Thankfully we all made it even through Hannah’s curls fell out at the beginning. Oddly enough though, the humidity by the sunflowers was pretty high and her curled again lol


The dress that Hannah is wearing is apart of a traveling dress project that was started by Victoria Tiger of Victoria tiger Photography. I knew when she posted the project and I was so excited to partake in my first traveling dress! I am so happy that I did because this session helped me get out of my little funk. I have not photographed a couple since April and I have been dying to do another maternity session. Thank you Adam and Hannah for trusting my vision and waking up at 4:30am! <3


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