August 18, 2020

Why I dove into product photography..

A little backstory before product photography came into my life…


I started really getting into photographing other people when we were in Florida in 2015. We then moved to Maryland in December of 2015 and that is when my business grew. I had regular clients, weddings, second shot a lot of weddings, and finally began building my style and got my business where I wanted it.


As you may know, my husband is military and we are typically only in one place for about three years. That is not very good for small businesses that rely on the local area for clientele. However, wherever we go, I make it work!


In June of 2018 we found out we were moving to GERMANY! Holy change…. Maryland became home for us and that is where I knew my business was succeeding. So much changed when we got here…


Not long after I finally made it to Germany, my husband and I went on our 5th wedding anniversary trip to Venice. When we got back, that’s when I wanted to really start doing sessions again. Just like anywhere it takes awhile to get your name out. It took some time for me to get back into the groove.



One day as I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a post in a group that I completely forgot I was in called Let’s Collab ( and my business changed instantly. I started commenting on posts made by shops that were looking for photographers for specific products in their shops.


One of my first collabs was with Emily of Spiffy and Splendid for the bracelet above! Little did I know that Pam and her family would become some of mine and Nicks best friends here! (Girls, you know it’s a good friendship when the husbands get along…. lol I am kind mad that Pam and I didn’t introduce them sooner…)


I have photographed products from baby teethers and pacifiers to crib sheets to candles to tote bags to clothing to ring slings and everything in between. And with every shoot, I have made amazing friends and I could not be anymore thankful for this group.


Swaddle: Brave Little Ones | Bow: Miss Della Rose


As I am spilling out my thoughts here, I am just now realizing that I didn’t choose product photography, it chose me.


While I love weddings and couples and still plan to do them, products just make feel some sort of way. I did work with Anna of Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth for almost 3 years and that included a hint of of product photography when she would collab or partner with other businesses. However, I never thought of it like that.



I have worked alongside so many amazing small business owners to help showcase their products. It warms my enneagram 2 heart when they come back and tell me that they are getting compliments on the photos and more sales because of them. THAT right there is why I do what I do.


If you are a small business owner and would like information on my product packages and details, make sure to visit my products page! There is a new site coming soon and you are the first to hear about it! For first dibs on seeing it, make sure to join my mailing list below!


Ring sling: LoveHeld Co

Recipe box and cards: Paper Sushi

Lovey: LoveHeld Co | Toy car: Legacy Learning Academy | Paci: Getting Sew Crafty | Books: Truly Amor

Earrings: Indie Etc

Neck Wrap: Moments and Me

Book: Truly Amor


Shop links for first photo:

Mama shirt: Nine16

Leather journals: My Leather Legacy

Hat and swaddle: Memeeno

Mug: Rachel Allene


Wind Chimes: Fettle + Fire

Headband: Athena Fitness Collection | Wood teether: Legacy Learning Academy | Purse: Citi Collective | Leather journal: My Leather Legacy | Gown: Claire and Bella | Swaddle: Brave Little Ones | Bow: Miss Della Rose

  1. Brittany says:

    I love your photos so much!! I’ve thought about doing product photography but never knew where to begin. Thank you!!

    • Jade Koetz says:

      Definitely join Let’s Collab! They are amazing! I also started by just taking pictures of things around my house ad=nd tried to make them look very professional! 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    These are beautiful and it’s great to get to know a little bit about how you got to where you are 🙂

  3. Michayla says:

    I love your story can’t wait to learn more about you through your blogs!

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A little backstory before product photography came into my life…   I started really getting into photographing other people when we were in Florida in 2015. We then moved to Maryland in December of 2015 and that is when my business grew. I had regular clients, weddings, second shot a lot of weddings, and finally began […]

Why I dove into product photography..

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