July 17, 2018

Jessica + Daniel Anduray | Rockville/VisArts | #HappilyEverAnduray

Jessica + Daniel Anduray



The day started out rainy and gloomy but right before we started to begin the family photos outside of the church after the ceremony, it stopped!! No one likes rain on their wedding day but it has been said that it is good luck!


When I met with Jessica to chat about packages and to discuss hers and Daniels wedding day, it was quiet an experience with the people around us at Starbucks. Between the cranky older lady telling a college student to leave because he didn’t order anything (even though he did…) and trying to talk when the location was completely packed. Once she started telling me the details of their wedding day, I instantly knew we were a perfect match and that this was meant to be. I am so honored to have captured Jessica + Daniel’s wedding day!

I look like a hot mess but they sure do look amazing and happy! <3

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