January 14, 2019

Mike + Lauren | Snow Day in Maryland

Throughout this process of getting reassigned to Germany and packing up our lives, I have learned to prepare for the worst and be ready to move things around. We have been drug through the mud with this move from getting our household goods packed up to me having to stay here in Maryland for awhile longer while my husband is already in Germany. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and this snow storm made it very true.


Lauren won a free session from my Black Friday giveaway back in November and with both of our schedules, we thought that we had ran out of time before I was supposed to leave. When I found out on January 4th that I would be staying for at least 3 weeks longer, I immediately messaged Lauren to see if this past weekend would work. After we had talked, the word came out that we were supposed to get an inch or two of snow! We were both so excited! There was not better news than when we found out that we would be getting more towards 6-10 inches.. OH MY GOSH!


I couldn’t not have imagined a better way to spend my Sunday morning than with Mike and Lauren running through the falling snow!

Such a beautiful snowy day in Maryland.





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