March 3, 2019

Best Wedding Send Off of 2018

When Anna booked me for hers and Sam’s destination wedding in the Canadian Rockies, she told me that they were renting an amazing car and that she was planning the best send off. The most common exits/send off’s are sparklers, rice, flower petals, bubbles, and glow sticks. I was left in the dark a little until the time came and to be honest, it was well worth the wait! After the wedding Sam changed into a more casual outfit and Anna changed into a form fitting white dress and a Wifey jacket made by Debbie Amosa that she won on Instagram! You can find Debbie’s work on Instagram!


I did not know what car they got until I saw it in person! They rented a White BMW Z4!! OH MY GOSH! They picked it up in Calgary, drove it to Lake Louise for all of the wedding festivities, then to Vancouver for their honeymoon, and then all the way back to Calgary to return it! If you didn’t know, the drive from Lake Louise to Vancouver is a 9 hour drive alone… To make the trip even longer, the drive from Lake Louise to Calgary is 2.5 hours. BUT when you have a car like that, it is well worth it!


  Destination Wedding Photographer

An unexpected surprise!

As we were leaving Lake Louise to head back to Calgary to catch our flights, Missy and I wanted to stop and grab a photo in front of the Lake Louise sign. When we were walking to the little strip mall to grab one more croissant, I saw a car that looked very familiar…. We got to see Sam and Anna one more time before they were on their way to Vancouver for a fun filled week long honeymoon! What a perfect, unexpected way to end a once in a lifetime trip! <3

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