March 29, 2019

When in Venice | Travel and Destination Photographer

***warning: photo overload……***

Venice was SO good to Nick and I! He called me a couple months ago and said that he wanted to go somewhere nice for our 5 year wedding anniversary this year and we made it happen! It definitely out us more than expected but we didn’t really look into things. After traveling around the United States almost half of last year, becoming a travel and destination wedding photographer was something that I was really wanting to make happen. Venice was a photographers paradise…. How did we get to the island you may ask?? We had 4 options: bus, train, water taxi, and speed boat. We knew about the water taxi beforehand and had already set our minds to do that so we could see the city until we got to our stop. It was a lot slower than I expected because of all of the stops but it was way better than dragging our luggage through the city. Our hotel, Pensione Accademia, was about a 25 minute walk from the train station and bus hub. The taxi we took in was 30 euros for both of us one way and the private speed boat was 140 euros.


A couple days before we left for Venice I posted in a LooksLikeFilm’s big Facebook group looking for a photographer to trade sessions with. I knew that I wanted to take my wedding dress to Venice so that we could finally have photos dressed up in such a beautiful location. Lucas with LFC Media and his girlfriend were visiting for almost the same amount of time we were there and it was pure fate! We spent 2 full days with Lucas and Brittany walking around Venice and traveled to Murano and Burano. It was so nice hanging out wth people who speak English. It also worked out perfectly since Nick and Lucas have so much in common with video. While we were in Murano, we went to a glass blowing factory and watched the guy make a vase and a unicorn. Then we went into the gallery and saw all of the amazing pieces that they make. Although we could not afford their $1,000-$200,000 price tags, we did manage to find to champagne glasses and a brandy glass on the discounted rack! The glasses are the perfect souvenir and anniversary gift.


The Rialto and Academia bridges were just two of my favorite sites. Although, most of all, I loved walking around in the alley ways and seeing all of the fascinating architecture. You always see places like this in movies and on tv. It felt like we were living in a dream and it took awhile to grasp. We were in Venice for 5 days and honestly it was a little much. Venice is absolutely stunning but you can only see so much of the same things so many times. It got to the point that we were able to walk to places on the other side of the island without a map or our phones lol. Even though we were there for a little too much time, I am happy that we got a little break from all of our stressers and had a few days to focus on us.


Favorite restaurants:

Taverna San Trovaso

Riva Rialto



Wedding photos:

Photo credit (edited by me): LFC Media

Flowers: Pretty Flowers



Day 1:


Day 2:



Day 3-5:

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